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It's that simple. Keeps conversations quick, easy, and straight to the point. Reaching members quickly and reliably, no matter where they are, has never been easier. Get answers fast, get things done!



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Mission Critical Services


1. Priority Network Access for Push-to-Talk

2. Unlimited Private Calls

3. Unlimited PTT Alerts

4. Unlimited Group Calls

5. Emergency Call

6. Ad Hoc Group

7. Call History & Replay (24 hours)

8. Chat & File Attachment

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Build a secured customised PTT
solution with Enterprise Cost Control

PTT Plan-01.png
PTT Cost tariff-01.png
PTT data secure-01.png

Get the right PTT plan
Choose from our extensive range of features and add-on services to create a plan that suits your unique needs.

Manage data costs
Tariff cost control at the network level to prevent excess data consumption.

Keep information secure
Our solution is fully equipped with enhanced end-to-end security from SIM card to Network Through AES 256 Encryption, SIM Auto-Login and Service
Control Mechanisms and Network Side.


iConnect Communications provides
full turnkey support on handset,
app & network for peace of mind

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PTT Solutions-01.png
PTT Enquiries-01.png

Handsets and software configured
for full compatibility

One-stop solutions provider for all aspects of PTT communications

Centralised service centre for all PTT-
related enquiries and assistance

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WeTalk service provides an arbitrated method by which two or more users engage in communication. Users may request permission to transmit (traditionally, by pressing a dedicated button).

The WeTalk service is intended to support communication between several users (a group call), where each user has the ability to receive the permission to talk in an arbitrated manner. However, the WeTalk service also supports private calls between pairs of users.

  • Private Call 1 — 1

  • First to answer Call 1 — 1/many

  • Ambience Listening Call

  • Remote Ambience Listening

  • Group Call 1 — many

  • Chat Call 1 — many

  • Broadcast Call 1 — many

  • Temporary Groups

  • Network On/Off

  • Priority Modes

WeTalk Product.png

WeTalk E980 Smart Radio

The Ultra Rugged Phone is dedicated for better broadband experience.


The design itself is purposed to simplify the interaction with users by using convenient channel knob and enlarged system icons.

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