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Commit to developing innovative solutions to meet our customers' needs in the evolving market.  We provide smart solutions and support for project consulting, planning, design, R&D, integration, implementation, and comprehensive management.

We will be utilizing various types of equipment and IT technologies to create smart solutions that will integrate and optimize resources to enhance customers production efficiency and service capabilities.



Water Leak Detection

Install humidity sensors in industrial buildings, attics, basements, service toilets, drainage wells and ditches and get instant information about water leakage and flooding. You will be able to launch the system in the shortest time and spend minimal funds for the maintenance.


Building。Smart City

Smart Paking

With multi-sensing technologies sensors located on the surface of a parking space or buried in the road surface; ultrasonic sensors located on the ceiling of the parking lot; a predictive system for the number of available parking spaces and a display control system is built.  



Access Control

Expand the capabilities of your existing access control system using BLE technology. BLE tag scanners can be quickly installed in convenient locations and connected using LoRaWAN. Depending on the required level of security, BLE tags, LoRaWAN trackers or mobile phones can be used as keys.


Construction。Smart City

Strain Gauge and Tilt Control

Tilt sensors allow online monitoring of tall pipes and mast structures. By supplementing the system with strain gauge strain gauges, you will get a high degree of structural reliability by predicting possible accidents. You can use fully integrated devices or connect LoRaWAN to third-party sensors.


Smart City

Monitoring Tree Conditions

Tilt and tree-health sensors installed on large trees in parks allow assessing the health condition of a tree, including during a hurricane/typhoons, as well as registering a tree falling in real time. The artificial intelligence system will make it possible to predict the stability of the tree in the future and form recommendations for caring for it.



Indoor Air Quality Control

Equipment for indoor air quality include oxygen, carbon dioxide and ammonia level sensors; sensors that detect the presence of organic and inorganic dust; temperature and humidity sensors. Place the necessary equipment at all important points in public spaces and get accurate information on air quality, and manage customer safety and satisfaction.



Smart WC

Toilet rooms are the most visited areas in public buildings. The impression of visitors directly depends on the timeliness and quality of their service. Booth occupancy sensors; sensors for filling bins, towel trays and soap dispensers; odor and flood sensors; all this together with the forecasting system will help you to effectively cope with the task.



Process Equipment Monitoring

Electricity consumption and vibration sensors make it possible to assess the duration and efficiency of use equipment. The artificial intelligence system will build a forecast of a possible equipment failure and report the need for scheduled maintenance.


Building。Smart City

LoRaWAN Private Network

A private network gives to customers full control over infrastructure, advanced resource and capacity planning and enhanced security. Private network deployment includes installation of required number of gateways, private instances of Network Server and Application Server as well. Private networks can be completely isolated from outside world and meet any kind of strict security requirements or can be setup as «inside-out» configuration.



Temperature Monitoring

Place temperature and humidity sensors at all points requiring monitoring: warehouse refrigerators, display cases, bar refrigerators, isothermal vans and even thermo boxes. The system will signal about temperature exceptions and automatically build reports on observations.


Building。Factory。Smart City

Waste Management

You can monitor the filling level of garbage cans, containers and waste bins located both inside and outside of your facilities. The system will automatically predict the filling time of the bin and alert on the need to service it.



Security Alarm

For challenging areas and facilities requiring security measures, our technology will allow you to quickly and efficiently place presence sensors and sensors for opening doors and hatches at every critical point in your infrastructure.


Building。Factory。Construction。Smart City

Lighting and Electrical Control

Devices equipped with relays, actuators, and a set of necessary sensors (lighting, temperature, sound) can be remotely controlled and programmed to execute schedules. The artificial intelligence system will be able to assess the condition of the equipment and the duration of the required maintenance.



Equipment and Personnel Tracking

The system of beacons and reflectors located on the territory of the enterprise and trackers and tags that interact with them, assigned to employees and valuable equipment, provide full control over the whereabouts of objects in the enterprise. A flexible reporting system allow you to develop the most efficient way to use resources.



Elderly Care

A set of sensors that monitor the environment and open windows, doors and geozones, trackers and panic buttons can be instantly deployed both at home and in a hotel or hospital. Conveniently, the application will allow relatives or staff to constantly monitor the elderly.

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