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IoT Case Studies

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Case 1 :
Cloud Data 
monitoring system

  • Predictive maintenance of equipment/ automation of processes/improve customers experience

  • Visualize real-time data collected from IoT devices and transform data into graphs or charts understood easily by users with a dashboard

  • Displayed on the mobile application or a web portal

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螢幕截圖 2022-05-27 下午12.03.47.png
螢幕截圖 2022-05-27 下午12.04.00.png

Case 2 :
Smart Toilet System

  • Use the data collected by the sensors to realize the needs in time and create a faster operation process.

  • Automatic handling of repetitive work items, identify potential problems for immediate problem resolution.

  • AI system reduces manual management and improves customer experience.

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Case 3 :
Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS)

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