About iConnect

We are Sino Asia Industrial Limited, a Hong Kong registered company and provider of quality wireless two-way telecommunications products and services with coverage throughout all of Hong Kong SAR.  We offer our signature iCONNECT Push-To-Talk™ (PTT) digital two-way radio voice and data services based on Motorola’s cutting-edge iDEN technology and TETRA platforms to serve to corporate customers.     

While Hong Kong’s cellular technical sophistication is among the world leaders, its current two-way radio usage – essential to companies that require instant one-to-many wireless communications – is based on 25-year old analogue technology.  Digital two-way radios are most commonly used by those who require instant, clear and reliable one-to-many communications that can’t be listened in on.  Our many customers in Hong Kong include companies which specialize in fleet and logistics, security, airline and airline services, theme park management, construction, tourism, hotel and hospitality, just to name a few.   

Presently, there is no public digital mobile radio service provider in Hong Kong.  Existing wireless two-way communications networks all use old analogue radio technologies that have been around for 25 years, with handsets that are bulky and expensive and drain batteries in a matter of hours with continuous use.  We offer our customers digital handsets that are cheaper, lighter and sound clearer, along with a longer battery life than any analogue radios, to meet a wide range of needs and functions for wireless voice and data.  There are even iCONNECT™ radios that are Intrinsically Safe for use in high risk, explosive environments like fuel tank farms.     

With more than 30 local staff members, SAI anticipates doubling in size within the next one and a half years, nearly all through local hires.  We are committed to giving our customers completely dependable two-way radio services and are determined to provide the best, most innovative and advanced enterprise grade and mission critical wireless services that a world-class city like Hong Kong SAR deserves.

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